At Montessori Children’s Academy, toddlers develop friendships, life skills, and early academic skills in a supportive, nurturing environment.

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MCA has been great for us. We came from an in home daycare and have been amazed at the growth we have seen in both of our children.

Kelsi L.

Why Choose Montessori Children’s Academy?

MCA is a place where your child can really shine; where every classmate is a friend and the program is individualized to your child’s needs. Our Montessori program offers the best path to personal and academic growth for your toddler.




At Montessori Children’s Academy, chiildren are taught to approach classmates in friendship and with respect. Friends learn and play together, developing important life and academic skills.

Play is serious business for a toddler. When they interact with block and stacking tools, they develop math and spatial aptitude. When they write or draw, they develop finger strength and a proper grip. Every tool in our classroom is designed for personal development.

At Montessori Children’s Academy, your child explores the world. We explore through reading, studies, and outdoor time. We garden and bake and play different styles of music. Our program allows children to gain independence and understanding in a safe, secure environment.

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Montessori Toddler Program
at Montessori Children’s Academy
Millard, Omaha

Montessori Children’s Academy is conveniently located on Harrison Street in Millard. Our year-round program offers stability for parents and students and the opportunity for maximal growth and development. Our classrooms are specially designed for student’s individual progress. We’re happy to answer any questions you have about our Omaha Montessori program or Montessori education in general.

Our Toddler Curriculum

Montessori Children’s Academy program is designed for toddler success and preschool preparedness. Toddlers work on:

  • learning to express themselves
  • learning prepositions
  • naming colors
  • counting objects
  • developing fine and gross motor skills
  • exploring the world around them

Toddlers enjoy circle time where they learn to listen, follow directions, sing songs, and enjoy story time. The toddler friends participate in Fantastic Friday events that elaborate on their music, library, art and Spanish work. 


Our toddler class includes children ranging from 18 months old to three years of age. Children have opportunities to safely explore and to learn about themselves and their environment. Toddler-sized furniture gives your child independence. Montessori Children’s Academy in Millard includes an outdoor play space for daily enjoyment and activity.


Our Montessori toddler program  teachers are highly qualified to create an environment and lessons that meet the needs of your developing toddler, encouraging their independence and skill development. Our staff hold Bachelor’s degrees and/or Montessori certification. Their nurturing and focus on your child’s specific needs encourages maximal development. Call today to see if our west Omaha toddler school is right for your family.

Your Omaha Montessori

Montessori Children’s Academy in Millard gives your toddler a great start. Building friendships and independence with developmental progress in a trusted, caring school.

Montessori Children’s Academy


14340 Harrison Street
Omaha, NE 68138



School Hours

M-F:  7am – 6pm

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