Testimonials for Montessori Children's Academy in Omaha, NE

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My son did his entire per-school in Montessori Children's Academy. We love the school very much and way they help to build our kid. My son never had to struggle in his kindergarten as most of the academic as part of kindergarten curricula were part of his per-school. MCA made sure he is independent on all aspects. All together I am super happy with Montessori Children's Academy and we are planing to have our second sons also enrolled in Montessori Children's Academy.

R.P., 2017
We absolutely love MCA!! We couldn't imagine a better place for our child. If you are looking for a world-class preschool in Omaha, MCA is the place. The curriculum is exceptional, the facility is the cleanest I've ever seen and the food and snack options are well-balanced and healthy!! The director and staff are always willing to answer any questions and discuss any concerns. We feel very fortunate to have found MCA.

Gina L., April 2017
I very much enjoy these opportunities that are provided for parents to come be a part of the class room. It really helps me understand all of the things that Vinny comes home and shares with us. As I have stated before, I am always so amazed by how orderly and kind your classroom is. We are blessed to have our child in your and all of the Montessori staffs care. Thank you!

Tony, April 2017
Thank you for being E's teacher this year! It's been wonderful to watch her grow and learn. She changes so much every day but the biggest change we've seen is a love for learning within her – she loves to share what she's learning and she's setting goals for herself. LOVE THAT! Thank you for helping her achieve her goals!

Tara & Joe C, 2015
I wanted to share something J pointed out last week. He is in a high ability reading group, and he made the observation that of the 5 kids in that group, 4 are former students of Montessori Children's Academy. J and G loved their time with you all and both are doing so well academically. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

John D., March 2014
My family has been at MCA since 2007. I stumbled upon it purely by luck, as it was in close proximity to where I worked at the time. I couldn't be happier with the choice. Not only do my kids thrive in the Montessori environment, but more importantly, they love every one of the teachers. It never ceases to impress me what my kids come home having learned, and all the skills they are capable of from such an early age in the Montessori environment. It is also obvious that the staff love the kids and teaching. I am so thankful to know that my kids spend their time with people who love them and what they do!

Kristi K., May 2013
Our family has had a wonderful experience at MCA over the past seven years. Our oldest son started attending at 18 months and our youngest started attending at 8 weeks, so we have experienced the infant, toddler, and 3-6 classrooms. Our children have been nurtured and cared for by teachers that are concerned with both their emotional and academic growth. We have appreciated the opportunity for our children to learn at their own pace in an authentic Montessori environment. MCA has more than prepared them for success in elementary school, and our experience with the Montessori environment at MCA has convinced us to continue our children's Montessori education.

Dr. Shannon B-H, 2013
We have been so pleased with the care S has received over the past two months! The staff in the infant room have done a wonderful job caring for S – their obvious joy in working with the friends is evident every day. We consider S very fortunate to have begun her school career with Ms. Teuscher; her commitment to providing a stimulating environment through play, taking time whenever possible to enjoy the outdoors, and always providing clear communication (eg. Keeping supplies stocked – developmental milestones) is greatly appreciated.

Anne & Tom C., 2013
My family was very blessed to have found Montessori Children's Academy. The staff is gentle, calm and nurturing. They handle stress well, and are very dependable. They are truly passionate about working with children. They never underestimated my daughter's potential. They taught her things I would have thought she was too young to learn. She is now 2 and a half and everyone who meets her is impressed with how advanced she is for her age. It is our pleasure to have the Montessori in our lives. You will not be disappointed if you choose to bring your family there.

Kristi O., 2013
We wanted to say thank you for an amazing three years. Montessori has been more than just a preschool, but a family. We appreciate everything you have done for us and D. You have helped him grow into such an amazing child; I simply don't know what we would have done without you all. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Austin and Jean, Omaha, NE March 2013
I can't tell you enough how much we appreciate all that you've done for us. You have an amazing gift for teaching. He has been given a great start.

Amy G., May 2012
You have shown us the utmost in kindness and understanding. We will never forget what you have done for S. and her two stressed parents. Thank you!

Gail and Patrick S., May 2012
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Here's what parents had to say after coming to observe in our pre-school/kindergarten classrooms:
Lyndsey H.: It was fantastic to watch all the interactions take place, those between the friends and those between the friends and teachers. I'm astonished at how well the teachers can manage the classroom with so much going on – facilitating lessons, assigning friends to snack, checking work, guiding the wanderers, etc.
Ericka S.: I love the idea of them building confidence by passively learning and watching other children work. Just awesome!

Check our more parent recommendations on our school Google+ page: Montessori Children's Academy - Omaha.
You can also check us out on Facebook: Montessori Children's Academy - Omaha for updates on current events at school.