Montessori education may provide educational opportunities for your child that they might not otherwise experience. In a Montessori environment, the teachers (or guides) are specially trained to observe your child and respond to each child's individual interests and development. While well trained in child development, a Montessori guide understands the value of giving a lesson to a child at the right time, not at the time of other same-aged children in class. When students have the ability to move at their own pace through the curriculum, the child will quickly progress in some areas and have time to practice other areas. The goal is mastery learning, where a child works on a skill until s/he has mastered the skill, regardless of the other students in class.

A Montessori education focuses on the development of the whole child, not just the academic area. Children are encouraged to work with multiple ages - some younger, some older and some same age peers. This provides an opportunity for your child to grow in their own ability to become a leader and role model for younger children. The pre-school/kindergarten class is designed for 3-6 year old children, where the children start out as the youngest, newest member of the class, mature to the 'middle child' and then graduate to a class leader and role model.

Montessori education is based on the belief that children learn best when they have hands-on materials. There are many materials in the classrooms that the students are able to use during work-time. In my 20 years of teaching there are very few children for whom the Montessori method of education is not a good fit. The few that were not a good fit were those with behavior disorders where their behavior interfered with their own learning ability, as well as those in their class.

Give Montessori education a try and watch your child excel!