“The infant in arms has far greater mental energies than are usually imagined”
- Maria Montessori, The Absorbent Mind



Our environment…

The infant environment is set up around the needs of your infant. We provide loving, nurturing care for your baby in a clean and safe environment. The Montessori trained teacher sets up the environment to be stimulating and interesting. The class includes Montessori materials, books and items that encourage self discovery. The infant environment is structured with a sleeping area, gross motor/movement area, eating area, changing area and active time area. We also spend time outside each day (except in extremely cold or extremely hot temperatures). The environment in our infant classroom is designed to best meet the needs of your baby.

Our curriculum…

The child, during the first three years, lays the foundation for cognitive growth through all early sensory experiences. Sensory experiences in the infant environment include a young baby as she/he watches a mobile as they bat at it, explores new items with their mouths, crawls over textured rugs, and walks using walking wagons. Our goal is to help your child be as independent, happy and well-adjusted as possible. We believe helping your baby learn how to self soothe so they can put themselves to sleep and calm themselves down is important. Freedom of movement is a key component for a young ... Read more

Our staff…

The Guide prepares the environment to provide the children with materials to help shape their growth and development. Our infant Guides are Montessori trained and hold a minimum of a 4 year degree. Our staff exceeds all requirements set forth by Nebraska Health and Human Services; all of our staff are CPR/First Aid certified and complete 12 hours of staff development per year. By partnering with parents, we look forward to sharing our knowledge and expertise on how to raise a healthy child.

Our availability…

We have openings for June 2018 (for a child younger than 9 months).
We have an opening for September 2018 (for a child 9 months or younger).
We anticipate openings for January 2019.

Full time: Any 10 hours we are open (7 AM – 6 PM), Monday – Friday, $1026 per month.
$1026 x 12 months = $12312/51 weeks (we are closed 1 week a year) = $241 per week.

Our academic day option: Monday – Friday, 8:15 AM – 3:15 PM, $756 per month.

Please email: director@millardmontessori.com to set up a tour.